Thursday, 4 February 2016

EM4 Miniatures + general update + terrain. Cheap plastic crack time!

Hello All!

Yet again I have been busy lately so not been able to move ahead much with my other projects.  So what have I gone and done?  Started another one!

For those of you that dont know, EM4 miniatures do a fantastic bunch of cheap plastic kits.  They do some great metal chaps too and have everything from fantasy to sci fi, all at cracking prices.  I decided to get a bunch of figures to hopefully use in an upcoming project (shhh!) that will be set in the near future.  I grabbed one set of gangers, two sets of troopers and some spacecraft to boot.  This came in at about £14 including shipping which I thought was pretty decent considering my order arrived within 48 hours!


So lets start with the gang bang crew first.  The figures are actually quite nicely sculpted considering the price.  There are a few areas where the detail is lost but overall the quality was really quite good.  I actually did a bit of swapping between these guys and the troopers.  This was all well and good swapping ganger arms to the troopers however it didn't work as well the other way.  The rod that connects the arms together is significantly larger for the troopers so bear this in mind!  I had to cut it out and glue the arms on separately.  I also swapped one of gangers packs for a trooper radio pack, the greedy buggers wanted one between five.  I also gave one an imperial guard chainsword, the proportions are about the same and it worked very nicely!

For all these EM4 guys I am going to try and do a more urban base.  This basically consisted of bits of cardboard and sprue stuck down on the base with a little bit of sand.  Unfortunately these guys dont fill up the whole slot on these bases.  I could not be arsed to sort that out and don't think it looks too bad.  Perfectionists welcome.


Next up are my favorites.  The troopers!  These guys went together exactly the same as the gangers, the torsos and packs can be swapped with ease (I wasn't feeling that cheeky however).  The quality standard of these guys is pretty much on par with gangers but they have a little more detail loss in my opinion, especially around their weapons.  One of these guys got a ganger weapon, will be subbing this as some sort of special weapon perhaps.  The sergeant got a pair of imperial guard arms and looks rather fetching.  I managed to get five of these guys painted tonight and am very happy with how they look.  I tried to go for more of a 80's sci fi feel with bolder colors and a less dirty shade.  The hazard stripes on the chain sword are a personal triumph of mine.  The bases came out looking ok, perhaps a bit flat but hey ho.  Hope to add some squad markings too, finally ordered some decal softener!

Hopefully more of this good stuff to follow!  May have to get them some sort of APC too, will have to look around for that.  Thought it would a nice idea to throw in a size comparison for you guys.  Bear in mind that all the bases are the same height.

As you can see they would fit in fine with the 40k universe.  They fit much better alongside marines in opinion, make them actually look taller than humans!  I built these guys up so I could use them as a guard squad but I hope to be using them mostly for combat zone type skirmish games.


This was more of a "fuck it" purchase and with each set of miniatures being priced at £2.55 it is very very easy to do this.  I call this the Primark effect, I found it very easy to load up my basket with £40 worth of the stuff.   
I am glad I did because these little space ships are an absolute joy, each one is in a different style so its not like you get a few set "races" in here.  They can be roughly grouped together and would almost certainly be coherent if you painted them up the same, I hope to split into 3/4 different factions.  I managed to paint one up just out of interest and I was very pleased.  They have plenty of detail on them and the castings are really very nice.  Again, going to go for quite a bold cheesy sci-fi theme on these, I have had enough grim dark with all my Crimson Fists!

Thats all the swag that I bought however there are a few other cool kits from EM4.  The space rangers look like good marine alternatives and the Mechs look like a lot of fun!  For £2.55 for each set of 5 men/mechs/marines or 12 spaceships I dont think you can find better value for money out there.  They also do a few metal bits to customise your troopers and gangers but they seem to be eternally out of stick. 

EM4 gets a +1 from me, I will certainly be getting some more!  Now wouldn't the Mechs make for some great heavy infantry?

Other updates

Everything else has been going a bit slower due to uni commitments and my upcoming terrain project.  I have got the last of the chaos built up after my latest shipment of 30mm bases so want to start focusing on them soon.  Have a few honour guard and devastators to paint for my crimson fists but might take a rest from all that blue!

Got some interesting tactic videos coming up on the channel within the next week.  We have been using Vassal to try out some cool tactics and aim to share this with you all.  Vassal is a free to use platform that allows you to place "models" on a customisable board and effectively have full 40k battles without buying a thing.  Try before you buy comes to mind!  

"Fucking paint us already!"

Terrain Project

So I hope to start making some terrain very very soon.  This will be 4mm MDF scenery laser cut out and slotted together, the emphasis being no glue is required and the models can be flat packed back down for storage/transport.  This will be slow to start but after I have a few prototypes I hope to start selling so watch out for some super affordable super easy terrain popping up on here!

I plan to make a wide range of multistoried ruins, buildings, factories etc. as well as some line of sight blocking stuff and some *cough* totally-not-40k-equivalent stuff *cough* stuff.  I already have designs for:
- One, two and three story 90 degree ruin pieces. 
- Los blocking buildings.
- skyshield landing "platform"
- aegis defence "fortification"
- imperial "fortified tower"
If there is anything else you guys think I should be focussing on let me know.  If there is anything specific you want me to make email over a sketch/dimensions and I might be able to sort something out!

So that was a pretty big update eh?  More posts to follow soon on each of my individual projects and watch this space for terrain updates!  

Thanks for reading,
- Harry

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