Thursday, 11 February 2016

Update! Chaos moving forward

Hi Guys,

So its been a bit slow lately what with my terrain project coming along (I promise a blog post soon!).  I have been working on my chaos today finished off 10 more cultists and the lord.  Pretty happy with how these turned out!

As you can see they were painted pretty quickly, managed to polish these guys off in one hour.  Hopefully this means I can add lots and lots of the little bastards without too much effort.  I did however make the effort to include a few weapon swaps just to spice things up a bit.

Gave the lord a bolt pistol a while back when I first got the kit as I never paid the points for the plasma pistol.  Took a bit more care over this guys, love the model, lots of detail in there.  Didn't try anything too swanky with his sword as I feel the detail speaks for itself.

This means my chaos is now playable in a fully painted form.  Going to try and get my 10 "tactical" marines done and the hellbrute. 

I also purchased some space marine legs to make an extra five guys from the spare torsos in the assault marine box.  I decided to make some prettier sergeants to compliment my dark vengeance tacs and also have a few heavy weapon guys that can be thrown into my lists.  I like the fact I now have a few different heavy and special weapon guys that don't necessarily belong to a set squad.  This means I can pick and mix who goes where whenever I write my lists, spot on!

That's about it for now, hope you guys are not too unimpressed with my progress.  Going to try and get some more chaos done soon and then it will be back to the focus on the crimson fists.  Might finish off some em4 too!

Thanks for reading,
- Harry

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