Saturday, 7 May 2016

Age of Sigmar, Warriors of Chaos update

Hello All,

It has been a while but I am back!  With me I bring a load of exciting new content and a few updates to the blog.

Firstly, the blog.  As you may have noticed the labels for our posts have been updated and a handy label list has been added the right of the blog.  Now you guys can easily go back and look through various projects with ease.  Bonza.

Now, on to the exciting stuff.  Cast your mind back to Easter and you may remember our extraordinarily successful Age of Sigmar battle report.  Whether this was due to exceptional video editing or video exposure, the fact of the matter is that age of Sigmar is much more popular than we thought.  Rapid model releases and the promised introduction of a fair points system is started to make Age of Sigmar look juicy indeed (Hype!).

I have painted up 10 of my warriors and the Lord (as some of you may have seen on twitter a while ago).  I have pushed the boat out a little with these chaps and tried a different basing technique, a little more highlighting and better attention to detail.

We also have some chaos knights thrown in to the mix now.  I got 10 of these bad boys but will probably just build up and paint 5 for now.

This will bring my army to a nice little force ready to take on some more puny elves.  Next on the shopping list is probably a Lord on a Manticore.  Mainly because the model is awesome and I want this army to be a little showy in terms of painting standard.  The wise thing however would be getting some ranged support, maybe some goblins or ungors.

Thats all from me for now, next blog will be coming out soon!  Especially as I have got my 3D printer up and running.

Thanks for reading,

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