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Imperial Militia and Cults, a step towards 30K

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So this is something a little out of the blue, a 30k army.  Me and Callum are currently toying with the idea of the betrayal at calth box (so much so I have 10 of the marines coming, shhh) and naturally I have been exploring the 30k rules.  I stumbled across the Imperial Militia and Cults rules, something I knew existed but always thought it was just a way of bringing chaos cultists to 30k.  I was wrong.

The Imperial Militia and Cults army list is what I believe the guard codex should be; heavily customisable units to represent any form of unit from any form of world.  You can have everything from hoards of savages armed with crude weapons and knives to power armoured, land raider riding "guardsmen".  You can literally field any 28mm model using these rules; roman legionnaires, pirates, Napoleonic infantry or even something like kroot. This excites me.

Another thing that excites me is cheap models.  So when I realise I can grab a box of 60 Napoleonic infantry, do a little work to make then more "futuristic" and field them for about 1000points costing me only £20, I get even more fricking excited.  Then we add historic tanks, artillery and we will end up with something awesome.

I bought some dismounted dragoons of perry miniatures.  These guys were just to test quality, scale etc. as you get two on a sprue for £1 which is pretty crazy.  Being historic scale models, they are much smaller than guardsmen in stature.  This will make weapon swaps trickier but we should be able to make do.   The bonus of this is it actually makes space marines look big, a good thing in the 30k universe as space marine will be this armies common foe.

I also had to trim their little moulded bases off an fit them to 25mm rounds.  These had the slots covered by a layer of paper and pva, not noticeable when gritted and painted.  Trimming the bases was a massive ball ache so I may not bother in the future.

These guys painted up well and I was really impressed with the quality.  As you can see the poses get a little dull and I very much doubt I will be making a full army from these dudes.  So whats the big plan stan?

Victrix makes a great range of Napoleonic infantry which are pretty posable and cheap.  I will most likely go for the British Waterloo set.  I am secretly super patriotic and could not bring myself to go for a different nation.  Using scottish highlanders was very tempting but the novelty of painting tartan would soon wear thin.  With this set you get a great range of pose and arm positions meaning that support teams, platoon command squads are all possible.  There is also the option of mixing up some of the Perry miniatures sprues to make some riflemen and addition commanders. 

Ogryns are the only other infantry in the list that are not your standard "human" model.  Victrix also interesting produce some 54mm Napoleonics which could fulfill this role very amusingly.  In practice this would look a little off so maybe the option of just making some bionic suits for a few lucky chaps is the best option.  Cavalry models could also work very well but it might just be best to leave these big chaps out of the list.

The big hitters in this list seems to be the artillery.  You can roll with the big boys, basilisks and Medusas, or take some rapier batteries which can be quad mortars, quad las cannons, quad this and quad that.  For this I hope to be using some plastic-card and 3D printing magic to form the artillery pieces.  However, Victrix produce an artillery set in which you get 3 cannons and 15 crew members.  These cannons could make some nice rapier batteries and the crew could then be divvied up between the bigger guns.  

Ah yes, it would not be a true Imperium army without fuckoff massive metal boxes sprouting over sized guns.  As I have already strayed from games workshop there is no real reason to stick to it for tanks.  Now, obviously there were no tanks in the 1800's so we have to get a little imaginative.  The Russians created some barmy tanks in the 30's and as these were used in the war there are plenty of model kits around.  

For Leman Russ tanks (minus sponsons) a T26 would do the job well enough.  At 1/35 scale they come in roughly the same size and with some modifications to the weapons, crew etc. they should fit rather nicely.  A bigger bonus is when you find them for £6 a piece on ebay, bonza!

Now did somebody say budget super heavies?  No?  Well I will be getting some anyway.  An what better than the fuckoff massive T35.  Seriously, this bastard will be 28cm long if bought in 1/35 which is as long as a baneblade (albeit significantly narrower).  With some modeled on sponsons we could probable make something pretty nasty.  It also costs around £20 on ebay, not bad.

I hope to make a traditional "guard" army.  This will include a couple of 30 man blobs, a few grenadier squads, a load of artillery and some armoured backup.  This will be headed up by a buffmander, and a few medics, "commisars" etc.  

These guys will have to be painted red, although I will probably tone them down a little.  I will make them a little futuristic but I am hoping just making them coherent with a few tanks and artillery pieces will make them look sci-fi.  Oh and a few bionic legs here and there.

That pretty much sums up what is spinning around in my head right now.  I will probably put out something soon when I have written up a list and do a mini review of the milita codex.  Crazy times!  Lots of good stuff to follow. 

Thanks very much for reading guys,

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