Monday, 9 May 2016

More 30k Shenanigans, Iron Hands!

Hello all,

So those 10 marine arrived and I have been having a little bit of fun with bionics.  This is my first venture into using plastic-card and I have found it very fruitful.  This will just be a basic 10 man squad with a combi sergeant, nothing too fancy.

Most of the bionics were created by taking chunks out of the power armour and filling it with a few bits of plastic-card rod to represent pistons electronics.  The guy who has his arm lopped off also has a few bristles from a manky pot scrubber shoved in his arm hole to represent a few sheared cables.  I also found it very easy to remove the forearm sections as the bionics could just be placed onto the bolter hand.

Will have more content to follow once these guys are all painted up.

Thanks for reading,

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